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Openly calling for the complete usurpation of the German state. Openly advocating the extinction of the German. Genocide.

Hey, lets call for the extinction of Turkey, replacing each and every Turk with blue eyed, blond haired people for their country’s sins in mass genocide of Armenians ans Assyrian Christians, as well as for over 400 years of colonialism and Islamic supremacy in their former empire.

Published on May 15, 2016
Lamya Kaddor, an Islam Researcher from Syria was loudly applauded after stating that the future German will no longer have blue eyes or light hair on German state TV. She predicts that soon every German will have a migration background and the “old German” is long deprecated and destined for extinction. She claims that Germany was always a country made up of immigrants and the notion that a people can claim “being German” for themselves is deeply racist and Islamophobic. She therefore joins chancellor Merkel in that opinion, who said there is “nothing but hate in the hearts of Germans who think they can claim ‘being German’ for themselves” during her New Year’s speech which was available with Arabic subtitles.

According to her, “Being German” now means wearing a traditional Muslim headscarf, having dark hair and being from a foreign country: And that’s a good thing.

Kaddor is the head of the German Liberal-Muslim Union, Researcher for Islam Studies and expert for religious education. Five of her students went on to fight for the Islamic State which she says is “unfortunate”. She is frequently invited to talk-shows where she defends her position that the extinction of the German is beneficial for the world – so Germany can finally be cleansed from its past and move towards a integrated, tolerant and multicultural society free of hate. The program was aired shortly after the New Year’s Eve sex attacks became public, where over 500 German women were sexually attacked simultaneously by refugees in Cologne alone, to mitigate “racist backlash” from the event.

Every German pays a mandatory state broadcasting tax for programs like these, which amounts to roughly 200€ a year.


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