Anti-Israel bigotry and bias France


Yet another Orwellian named conference……

They’re not fooling anyone, and for a return gesture the Israeli’s should recognize a Basque state in France.

French presidential candidate Francois Hollande dust up

The French are prone to Jew hatred, this much we do know. The debunked (and very antisemitic) meme of “the Israelis are holding up the breakout of real peace throughout the entire Middle East region” is still the driving force in diplomatic circles, and heavily steeped in the Jew hating canard of the Jew being the poisoners of wells.

France believes it can solve peace in the Middle East without actually involving the Israelis or the Palestinians. But in reality, I don’t think that’s their goal at all:

CBN NEWS – France says it will go ahead with its Middle East peace conference at the end of the month despite Israel’s objections.

Following meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault told reporters France has not changed its mind.

The French plan is to host dozens of foreign ministers on May 30 ostensibly to jump start the moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. That conference, which excludes Israel and the P.A., will be followed by another later in the year. If that doesn’t bring the desired results, France says it will unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state.

While the P.A. welcomes the French initiative, Israel rejects it.

“This morning I met with the French foreign minister,” Netanyahu said at the cabinet meeting. “I told him that the scandalous UNESCO decision, which was supported by France, that does not recognize the Jewish people’s ties – which are thousands of years old – to the Temple Mount, casts a shadow on the fairness of any forum that France tries to convene.”

The UNESCO resolution, which France supported, denies any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount or the Western Wall.


I emboldened what I believe the actual end-game goal here is, which is for France to recognize a Palestinian state. I mean, how can it not be? Do they really believe that can get the negotiations restarted so that it ends in an actual peace agreement? The premise itself is absurd, that there even can be or should be peace.

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