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The drug lords of Middle England: How London’s most feared criminal gangs have invaded England’s green and pleasant shires

Middle England invaded by London's most feared criminal drug lords

Tunbridge Wells has fallen victim to a new, meticulously planned and chilling expansion of the London drug trade that has so far gone barely reported. This cold-eyed drive for fresh sales territory uses business cards, travelling salesmen, text-message marketing, and the sort of ‘introductory offers’ familiar to any supermarket shopper.

The people behind it are metropolitan criminals greedy for the wallets of rich commuters – and they have seized wealthy market towns by the throat. Last week, London gang member, Bilihimin Omisola (left) – nicknamed Tiny – was jailed for three years after he admitted that he had moved from London to the Wiltshire town of Trowbridge in order to sell Class A drugs.

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