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That’s right, we have to change because they brought the 7th mindset into our midst.

Via Jihad Watch H/T: Ingrid Carlqvist

Austria: Police tell blonde victim of Muslim migrant assault to dye her hair

“The police told me that attacks are now a daily routine. And it’s going to get worse.” And so instead of confronting the Muslim migrants, or reviewing the policy of bringing them in to the country, Austrian police are telling women to change their behavior. European society appears to be in a state of full collapse, with no one apparently willing to defend Western societies and Western values: soon Austrian police will be advising women to wear hijab in order to avoid being raped.

blonde woman attacked Austria

“Attack victim claims police told her to dye hair,” The Local, May 6, 2016:

More here.

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  1. Your culture is to be replaced. Corporations need cheaper labor and believe that to be muslims. Of course they won’t work, but once welfare ends…..

    My advice: sell out, and leave. Once they arm up, and do a co-ordinated attack across europe, these politically correct leaders are going to be dead. Its 1939 in Germany again.

    Useful idiots!

    1. No no no. Useless idiots.

      Eventually (one hopes) the appeasement mentality will finally end and civil conflict is likely to break out all over western Europe.

      It’s hard to disagrees with Paul’s prediction that eventually the politically correct media, politically correct career politicians, and the weak-kneed judiciary will be held to account.

      What form that will take is a sombre question to contemplate.

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