Donald Trump


Remember when he smeared Ted Cruz of having five mistresses? He was projecting.

He’s a typical amoral NYC big spending / big government liberal democrat. I won’t be voting for him.

Dark tales of molesting beauty queens and raping his ex-wife. Claims of racism and cosying up to the mafia. As he gets ever closer to the White House… Trump is stripped bare

Donald Trump's stripped bare facing racism, rape and molestation claims on way to White

Donald Trump (left, and bottom right, circled), the rapacious and unashamedly vulgar property tycoon who has astonishingly won over conservative America and who may yet become head of state, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Leader of the Free World. Many dismiss him as a bigot, buffoon, liar and misogynist. Others counter that he is honest, incorruptible (thanks to his wealth) and inspirational. If – as is almost inevitable – he faces Hillary Clinton in a final battle for the White House, it will surely live up to its advance billing as the ‘showdown of the century’.

No one – not even Trump, it is said – dreamed he would get this far. But the dazzling speed of his ascent has obscured the real story about a man who has been accused of raping his own wife, molesting and bullying women, fraternising with mafiosi and employing unscrupulous and racist dirty tricks in business. His Czech-born first wife, Ivana (top centre), discovered Trump was having an affair with former beauty queen Marla Maples (top right).

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