These jackals are not ”militants”…..they’re how I properly describe them in the headline.

Philippine militants threaten hostages in video warning

Philippine militants threaten hostages in video warning

Kjartan Sekkingstad at the wheel of a yacht in the marina. Photo: Holiday Oceanview Marina

Published: 04 May 2016 08:43 GMT+02:00

The trio – from Canada, Norway and the Philippines – appealed for help from the Philippine and Canadian governments in a video uploaded to YouTube Tuesday and reported by SITE intelligence group, which monitors jihadist media.
“To the Philippine government: Please stop shooting at us and trying to kill us. These guys are going to do a good job of that,” Robert Hall, a Canadian, said in the video.
He said the kidnappers had told him to tell his own government “to meet the demand” — though he did not specify what the demand was.
The southern Philippines-based Abu Sayyaf announced last week they had killed a Canadian hostage, retiree John Ridsdel, as an April 25th ransom deadline lapsed.
Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad and Marites Flor, Hall’s Filipina girlfriend, also pleaded with the two governments.

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  1. For the Canadian they wanted 6 million USD. Trudeau was at the mosque, and unavailable for comment. Canadians are worthless as hostages, as they found out.
    The money was to go for weapons, and recruitment.

    Canada had the 6 million and used it to bring Syrians to Canada.

    The solution was to identify them, grab THEIR relatives, and do an exchange or execution. The island they are on could easily be reached and cleaned out but
    there is no president there currently interested in that, but an election is coming up and they have a Trump-like candidate. If he gets in, heads WILL roll.

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