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Since we know that the islamonazis in Ramallah and Gaza City will use any excuse that comes to mind in order to blame their atrocities against the Jews, upon the Jews themselves, we know how to treat the family featured in this article.

arab in th emirror

Jerusalem Bus Bomber’s Wealthy, Educated Parents Blames Jews for Son’s Attack

Abed al-Hamid Abu Srour

In an interview with the Israeli media, the parents of the Jerusalem bus bomber revealed he came from a wealthy background and had his own car. They also expressed shock that their son committed “such an act” against innocent people, but blamed Israel and the Jews for it.

Discussing the April 18 suicide attack on a bus in Jerusalem, in which 20 innocent people were wounded — and the perpetrator, Abdel Hamid Abu Srour, later died at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in the city – the 19-year-old Palestinian’s mother and father told the Hebrew news site Walla why they “still can’t wrap their heads around” the whole episode.

They were referring both to the act itself and to the fact that Hamas claimed their son as a member (releasing a video of him in fatigues and a Hamas headband), insisting they had no idea he had even been involved with the terrorist organization.

“If I had known that this is what he was planning to do, I would have restrained him,” said Abu Srour’s father, Muhammad. “He wasn’t capable of hurting innocent people. That’s what I don’t understand. I never raised him like that. But you know who’s to blame for it? Only you Israelis. You led a whole generation of Palestinians to this. You and your government.”

More here. H/T: ChanahS.

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