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  1. At 7 p.m. (local time) Belgian MSM television news has made mention of the fact that Salah Abdeslam had been investigated way before the Paris attacks occurred, and shortly after Charlie Hebdo.

    Significant information had been lost by the police, apparently. Among other things, a USB stick found at his home wasn’t investigated properly + a mobile phone impounded by the police at the time has been irretrievably lost.

    I am quoting from memory now, (having seen the news) seeing as I haven’t found English-language versions of this news on the Net. (yet), not even on the Belgian MSM’s English language versions.

    So keep your eyes peeled for this story in the coming hours or tomorrow morning. Scrutinize Eng-language versions of, for instance, or French / English papers. This will probably work better than searching elsewhere.

    Bye for now

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