Amnesty International Anti-Israel bigotry and bias


Finland’s A.I. still anti-Israel as ever……

Aussie Dave @ Israellycool links to the story:

 Amnesty International Employs Journo Who Disavowed Her Report Of Hamas Firing Rockets From Hospital
[We already knew Amnesty International is very biased against Israel. The leadership of Frank “scum state” Johansson and appointment as press officer of Aishi Zidan – for whom Hamas firing rockets from a hospital is a really inconvenient fact – just reinforces this.] 

Back in 2014, the Tundra Tabloids broke the story of Aishi Zidan, now known as Rocket Girl, the infamous ”journalist” who worked for the Finnish capital’s Helsingin Sanomat during the Gaza War, she let it slip that Hamas was firing rockets into Israel from the Shifa Hospital parking lot/immediate area.


She then later claimed her (factual) words were being used for pro-Israel propaganda purposes, though she admitted running to bomb shelters herself while covering the conflict from the Israeli side as Hamas lobed rockets into the Jewish state. She also spoke of her cousin being arrested by the IDF. (We can now agree that she really really doesn’t like Israel)

My 21-year-old cousin Zidan (yes, my cousin’s name is Zidan Zidan) was arrested during the night at three in the morning. Israeli soldiers had gone to pick him up from his home.
After this week, I went to the South of Israel, I understood very well why the rocket attacks scare the locals. I myself ran scared for cover.


It has come to my attention that Rocket Girl is now working for the Finnish branch of Amnesty International as a press officer/publicist.


The organization is still headed by Frank Johansson, who infamously (TT broke that story as well) smeared Israel as a ”scum state” while writing on his blog in Finnish, which included his Amnesty International title.


The story in 2010 went viral and there were calls for Johansson’s dismissal, NGO Monitor wrote directly to Amnesty’s Secretary-General and insisted upon it. What happened instead was Frank Johansson issuing an apology to the then Israeli Ambassador to Finland, Avi Granot. We can now safely assume that it was not genuine, at all.



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