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“Never again” means also to “never forget”……

The reason for the continued commemoration of the Holocaust, is not because Jews themselves are special, but for the uniqueness of the German National Socialists’ (and their supporters in areas under their occupation) genocide of the Jewish people. Their goal was for the systematic destruction of the Jewish people wherever they were, and in how they went about it.

Student leaders argued against an amendment to commemorate the Holocaust on campuses during Britain’s National Union of Students (NUS) Conference on Wednesday, according to reports by the Telegraph.

Chester University’s Darta Kaleja spoke against commemorating Holocaust memorial day on thegrounds that it ignores other global atrocities and genocides.

“Before I start I want to make it clear I am not against commemorating the Holocaust,” Kelja said. “I am against the NUS and the government forgetting and ignoring the mass genocides, and prioritizing some lives over others.”

“In my five years of UK education throughout GCSEs and A Levels, not once were the genocides of Tibet, Rwanda, or Zanzibar taught to me and my peers,” Kelja added. “So please, please vote against this motion, against the one day dedicated purely to atrocities of just one mass genocide, as it suggests that some lives are more important than others. Instead campaign for a day to commemorate all of them.”

Kaleja’s speech was received by the audience with a strong round of applause.

Sam Gold of Leeds University spoke in favor of the amendment, asking for delegates to support the motion to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive in the NUS.

“The living memory of the Holocaust is dying,” said Gold.

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