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Just Another Day In Israel: 16-Year-Old Invents New Math Theory

We’ve seen Gil Benjamin’s amazing Rubik’s cube robot solver.

We’ve seen Roni Oron’s  system for the production of oxygen in space.

Now behold the latest Israeli child prodigy: Tamar Barabi, who just invented a math theorem!

Photo: Courtesy photo/Marina Sun/Shutterstock

It’s common for some high school kids to need the help of a math tutor. For others, numbers come naturally. And then there’s Tamar Barabi. The Israeli teenager just invented a new geometric theorem.

Like most discoveries, the eureka moment happened by accident. Tamar turned in her math homework and the teacher said the theory she used to solve the problem didn’t actually exist. “He said if I could prove it, it could be my theory. So that’s what happened,” Barabi told From The Grapevine.

With help from her dad, who is also a math teacher, they sent the theorem to experts around the world.

Known as the Three Radii Theorem, or “Tamar’s Theory” for short, it goes as follows: “If three or more equal lines leave a single point and reach the boundary of a circle, the point is the center of the circle and the lines are its radii.” Believe it or not, that’s the simple explanation. To compose the actual theorem, Barabi had to write up three proofs, a series of conclusions and some sample exercises.

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  1. Meanwhile, the paleostinians are still trying to resolve the 2+2 conundrum…

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