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This is horrible………

When comedians and other artists begin censoring themselves, it tells of the health of free speech in society. What’s needed is more comedy on such themes, not the censoring of old comedy that was created in a time where political correctness had yet to take hold in society.

Yle confirms: Kummeli Aziz-clips “censored” from Arena – they required the removal themselves

Yleisradio (YLE Broadcasting) confirmed rumours: reruns of sketches of the program Kummeli on Areena, the latest episodes are  “censored”, ie removed the sketches of the fanatic and terrorist laughing Aziz The Combat Fighter. YLE’s creative director Ville Vilén says to Uusi Suomi, that the proposal came from the creators of Kummeli themselves.

There began a rumor online Thursday that Yle Areena Kummeli episodes were missing Aziz-clips, which can be seen in similar period Kummeli clips, say, on YouTube. The question was asked on Yle Areena’s Twitter account on Thursday, when Yle confirmed the claim.

– Kummeli’s latest episodes are omitted Aziz, sketches, because it is desired to avoid resentment in connection with terrorist events, Yle Areena tweeted.

Head of YLE’s creative content Ville Vilén will also confirmed it to Uusi Suomi.

– This is true. The proposal came from the creators for the removal, therefore Kummeli the creators themselves. They were of the opinion that now, because of these events, what has been happening [sections should be cut], Vilén said.

– It is certainly possible that if the situation improves in this world for the better, they can at sometime be restored.

More here at US (in Finnish)  H/T: Kumitonttu

A TT translation.

NOTE: It’s not unreasonable to believe that the higher ups at YLE approached the Kummeli team and pressured them to allow them to censor these clips. The question for inquisitive journalists is ”who approached whom” on the question of censorship?


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