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But will it be watered down to being essentially useless?

Clue bat for the ones crafting these measures, Islam 101 (basic fundamental Islam) is in fact ‘hate speech’ under your own guidelines. That it’s given a veneer of religion shouldn’t keep it from being properly designated. Post-hijra Islam (which the koran deems as abrogating prior verses) is the ax head of their ideology for these preachers.

NOTE: There is no such thing as ”islamism”, there’s just Islam, both pre and post hijra eras.

Denmark preps action plan for ‘hate preachers’

Denmark preps action plan for 'hate preachers'

The measures come in response to the TV2 documentary ‘Mosques behind the veil’, which sent a Muslim couple undercover to eight different mosques. Photo: TV2

Published: 30 Mar 2016 16:09 GMT+02:00

“In Denmark we have religious preachers who in reality abuse our freedoms, preaching hate,” he said at a press conference.

At a meeting with opposition leaders, Rasmussen’s minority right-wing government presented tentative plans for deterring preachers who “undermine the society they should be a part of,” he said.

The proposals included establishing a list of people who would be barred from entering the country, similar to a

The government also wanted to look into whether it could outlaw speech that “undermines Danish legislation” and ban certain people from coming to a place of worship, but remained vague on any details.

Preachers who “don’t respect the basic norms in our society” could in the future be stripped of the right to officiate marriages, Rasmussen said.