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This is the dhimmification of society that leads to eventual islamification of it, that we in the Counter-Jihad have been warning about for years.

Obama in the class room

Under almost 8 years of Obama and the Dems, along with ignoramus “get along Republicans” It’s now undeniable.

Kent, Washington School District Bows Down to Muslim Food Demands

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The Kent, Washington school district has changed their food options and removed all pork products, in order to accommodate Muslim dietary needs according to a frustrated parent. Dave Brabo, a resident of Renton, Washington recently expressed his concerns with the new policy to school officials.

Specifically Mr. Brabo spoke with the school’s Director of Nutritional Services, Tom Ogg, who informed him that “he was well aware of the issues (and the slippery slope) with the changes to menu options due to Muslim religious beliefs, but he said lots of Muslims had complained and threatened the school by reporting them to the U.S. Department of Education.”

Mr. Brabo was told that if the school system doesn’t “accommodate the Muslim dietary needs that their federal and state funding would be cut or pulled.”

He was told that the school system may be doing this in order to better accommodate incoming refugees.

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  1. I am offended by Muslim demands & their ridiculous religious laws that effect the way of life in my country. Does that count?

    1. Well said!, I also agree with you. Now when can we expect to be required to have a picture of Obama on our homes wall with the title of “Great Leader”?

    2. My dear infidel friend this is ONLY the beginning, wait when their population get to 20% or more , My prediction is one day Muslims will demand a separate state within USA which will be an Islamic state. you may laugh , just study the history of Subcontinent of India , Pakistan and now what is called Bangladesh are carved out of India because Muslims wanted their own homeland for Muslims . USA ‘s fate is exactly the some in decades to come.

  2. Islam is a filthy, barbaric religion and the US needs to institute a ban on all Muslim immigration, either temporary of permanent. The reason Islam is barbaric is because Muhammad was a violent warlord who slaughtered “infidels” by the thousands and converted many to Islam BY THE SWORD. Muhammad’s most devout followers follow his barbaric, bloody example.

    There are many peaceful and decent Muslims, but they are peaceful and decent IN SPITE OF ISLAM, not because of it. Moderate Muslims do not speak out often against Islamic terrorists because the “radical extremists” know the Quran much better than they do.

    The Quran is a WAR MANUAL with more text about hating and KILLING Jews than Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”: https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Mein_Kampf
    “The amount of anti-Jewish text in Mein Kampf adds up to 7% in total, whilst the largely non-abrograted Medinan verses of the Qur’an contain more than double that amount, standing at almost 17%.”

  3. What about Oktoberfest? Isn’t that a violation of the students’ cultural traditions as many of the students are of German heritage. That’s a violation of their civil rights as Americans. The students should boycott and bring pork based food to school everyday.

  4. I am so sick and tired of this kind of thing. They have the choice to eat it or not. The school should NOT bow to these demands.

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