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Inmates ‘fear being radicalised in Belmarsh prison by Muslims’

Barrister says prison officers have lost control of one of Britain’s most secure facilities, amid concerns radical prisoners are trying to bully others into converting to Islam

Inside Belmarsh high security prison

Inside Belmarsh high security prison Photo: Rex Features

Guards at Britain’s most secure prison have lost control, according to a senior barrister, amid fears that radical offenders are bullying other inmates into converting to Islam.

Prisoners are reportedly terrified of being sent to maximum security Belmarsh prison due to the intimidating atmosphere created by a growing number of radical Muslim inmates.

During a case at the Old Bailey, barrister Rupert Pardoe claimed the situation was so severe that inmates in the Thamesmead prison were being held in “lockdown” in an attempt to stop the bullying.

Mr Pardoe told the judge: “There is a sense that the prison authorities have lost control. Many defendants in my client’s situation are in total lockdown. There’s a degree of fear as to the need to conform to certain religious views in Belmarsh.”

Mr Pardoe was representing Lee Smith, a member of a smash-and-grab robbery gang, who refused to leave a prison van for an Old Bailey hearing in January. Mr Pardoe described how Smith believed that if he did not enter the court, he would be returned to HMP Thameside, where he had been held, instead of Belmarsh.

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