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It’s that ‘multicultural’ experience that all the Left and the ruling (self anointed) elite keep rambling on about, how it enriches the average life of the people.

Woman robbed, groped and carjacked all in one day

Woman robbed, groped and carjacked all in one day

Photo: Video Capture/Ana Dumbara (CEN)

Published: 04 Mar 2016 18:10 GMT+01:00

Blonde Rosita Kohzina posted the video a few minutes after the attempted carjacking, in which she said the man had tried to force open the doors to her car at a traffic light.

She said: “I am really seething. And I don’t want anybody to tell me I’m making this up and that it never happened.”

She said that after fighting off the bag-snatcher and an attacker who tried to grope her breasts, a man tried to carjack her but could not get in – he had rolled on the roof and then had attacked a completely random woman who was walking down the street, shoving her over before running off.

After parking further down the street she decided to vent her rage in an online rant saying: “Listen ladies, I’ve just recently been forced to make the acquaintance of some of these non-Austrians.

More here.

Here’s the vid in German, translated and subtitled via Vlad.

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  1. Good thing Austria will have a limit of 38000 more of this nice people to get the refugee status .
    I will pass the visit of Vienna this summer .

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