Feckless or by design, the EU owns this nightmare.

And of course all of this could have been avoided if the military was used in full force, accompanied with aid relief, would have cut out the criminal middlemen from the equation, as well as actually aiding real people in need, there, in the areas near the conflict.

No it’s not Glastonbury, it’s a refugee camp in Greece: Staggering aerial photos show huge tent city on Macedonian border – where desperate migrants hold babies to razor wire in bid to get across

Aerial photos show huge tent city at a migrant camp in Greece 

With scores of tents pitched close together on a muddy field and snaking queues of people waiting in line for food, you could be forgiven for thinking these aerial photos show a music festival in full swing. But, instead of showing the likes of Glastonbury, these bird’s-eye view photographs actually show a makeshift migrant camp which has sprung up in the northern Greek village of Idomeni, near the Macedonian border.

At least 10,000 men, women and children have been camped for days in the squalid conditions at the Idomeni border crossing, with hundreds more arriving every single day. The first two refugee camps are now so full that thousands have set up tents in fields nearby, living in appalling conditions. Hundreds have been seen queuing for hundreds of yards as they desperately wait to receive food distributed by a non-governmental organisation.

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