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Face it, regardless of what you may think of them, and I have my opinions, if only one of them acts as a deterrent in keeping a weak or helpless person from being victimized, then as long as they stay within the confines of the law, then so be it.

Also, those in the Finnish media (including YLE) including armchair pundits who reject the Soldiers of Odin, have never once condemned the sharia patrols of the Somali community in Helsinki, who insist that ”no female (muslim) would ever want to encounter them on the streets during the night, because it would bring great shame to them.”

somali kanava sharia police

NOTE: Truth be told, if not for feckless politicians, citizens would not feel the need to organize themselves in order to protect the civil society. In a state where no average citizen can own a weapon for self defensive purposes, the only thing the police do for someone in real danger, is to draw a white chalk line around their cooling corpse.

Police: Xenophobic street patrols unwelcome in Mikkeli

Authorities in eastern Finland pledge to keep a close eye on the nationalist group Soldiers of Odin, which claims to be protecting Finns from foreigners. Many of its members have extensive criminal records.

Poliisi Petri Isokuortti Mikkeli
Chief Inspector Petri Isokuortti of Mikkeli Police Image: Pekka Havukainen / Yle

The far-right street patrol group Soldiers of Odin has begun operations in Mikkeli, eastern Finland. “So far it’s been small-scale, but we know that their activities may expand this spring,” says Chief Inspector Petri Isokuortti of Mikkeli Police.

Isokuortti says he considers it regrettable that the self-styled ‘civic protection’ group has arrived in Mikkeli. He does not believe that street patrols make the city a safer place. The police chief stresses that maintaining order and safety are the responsibility of authorities.

“Racism should be rooted out”

“The police do not under any circumstances support such activities, especially with regard to this organisation. There are anti-foreigner [views] behind it. All kinds of racism and that kind of activity should be rooted out,” Isokuortti tells Yle.

Isokuortti says that police throughout the country are well aware of the group members’ backgrounds, and at least some have been involved “anti-foreigner activities”.

“There’s skinhead-type history involved,” says Isokuortti.

Operations expanding abroad

He points out that there is nothing illegal about walking around city streets in a group in and of itself, but that the group’s actions will still be monitored.

“We’ll see how it gets underway and ensure that there are no over overreactions,” Isokuortti adds.

The Soldiers of Odin were launched last year by a neo-Nazi who has been convicted of a racist assault in the northern city of Kemi. The group has been active in Joensuu, some 200 kilometres from Mikkeli, as well as other cities.

In recent weeks wire services have reported that local branches have begun operations in Estonia and Norway.


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  1. The idea that the police can exercise control over all antisocial acts committed by people who have no regard for the law is nonsense.

    What has happened in Germany and Austria where civilians are grabbing hold of pepper spray and any other means of protection against assaults to defend themselves, will be common place throughout all countries stupid enough to have opened their doors to illegal immigrants.

    Civilians will increasingly resort to means of self-protection against the actions of people who have no respect for Finnish law.

    The bottom line is that the police are powerless to prevent civilians taking up measures to protect themselves against assault.

    So there will be an increasing trend for people to get hold of deterrents/weapons for self-defensive purposes and there is nothing to police can do to stop this.

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