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The ”humanitarian superpower” sinking fast…..

A sense of hopelessness prevails, the tipping point having been reached, the despair increases because many fear that nothing can be done about it.

sweden ship of foolsH/T: Ingrid Carqvist

Possibly an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


For a citizen who is not a racist in the sense that he thinks that almost all people in the Middle East and North Africa have come to Sweden to get a chance to do something meaningful with their lives, nor believes in allegations that 1) all migrants are war refugees, and 2) that almost all migrants are Syrian doctors, for such an ordinary citizen it appears that the Swedish migrant situation is absurd and that the Swedish migration policy, to the extent there is any, is headless.

First of all, Sweden is at the mercy of the arbitrariness of the migrant flows. We have no idea how many migrants who intend to come during the current calendar year and the authorities do not seem to have the ability or even desire to control or even influence these volumes. It only gets as it gets.

Secondly, the Swedish migration policy is stuck in its own leghold traps one part of which is the notion that all migrants should have full social rights at the expense of taxpayers and the other part is the difficulty to squeeze out of the taxpayers the necessary funding.

Thirdly, it seems the political power consciousness represses the historical facts available regarding the migrants’ difficulties in integrating and getting a job and instead put their trust that the historical pattern will be broken by magical intervention from someone even more powerful, the might of EU.

Empty phrases and incantations might sound something like this: “We have changed our policy 180 degrees.” But when the ordinary citizen trying to determine where the change is, he can not discover much more than empty words. Or this: “We should deport 80,000 of them this year.”But how it is going to go get the person one does not know.

More here (in Swedish)

Ingrid Carlqvist quoting Patrik Engellau from Det : “But the idea that gnaws at my mind is that the political elite simply are afraid.”

Which reminds of this iconic vid clip by Vlad Tepes on the ruling EU elite’s own ”Bonfire of the Vanities”.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

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