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Minding his own business the female(?) thug punched him in the face multiple times.

Magazine survey has talked with former chief prosecutor Sven-Erik Alheim and  writes in an article:  “Attacks against politicians is by convention a sentence-enhancing crime. Former chief prosecutor Sven-Erik Alheim is adamant.

– There will be prison. I say this without knowing if there are any mitigating factors, but a punch against an elected politician should involve detention, he says. “

University Employee prosecuted for assault on SD politician 

Gun Hjortryd

Gun Hjortryd. Photo: Private.

Hate Crimes In December Gun Hjortryd, employed as an information officer at Linnaeus University, abused Sweden Democrat politician Thoralf Alfsson. The assault took place in Kalmar during a pub visit. Gun directed a powerful blow to Thoralfs face. Now she is being prosecuted, and former chief prosecutor Sven-Erik Alheim mean imprisonment should be imposed.The 54-year-old Gun Hjortryd has admitted to the crime. In the preliminary investigation, it is, among other things, to read as follows:  “When the 54-year-old woman saw who the politician should be, according to interrogations, it aroused her anger, and she stood up and asked him to leave.

The woman was completely unknown to Alfsson, and in his opinion that is the reason she turned on him just because he’s Sweden Democrat. The assault should reasonably be considered as a hate crime.

When Alfsson then answered that he did not intend to leave, the accused struck. According to Alfsson he was hit on the jaw and cheekbone and he was in pain afterwards. The sequence of events is confirmed by a third party witness.

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  1. Disagree with a politician by all means. But a vicious unprovoked attack should warrant a stretch in prison.

    Probably a person with significant psychological problems.

  2. She’s an agressive elderly woman with a well known drinking problem. Anyone surprised..?!?

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