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Cameron and the EU elites are not done, they will still seek to scare the British people into getting their minds right through a number of means, mostly scare tactics. If that fails, then on the eve of the referendum they’ll dangle huge carrots, only to further scare them from voting to secure their sovereignty, mark my words.

Boris Johnson backs EU exit: London mayor confirms support for Brexit

Speaking outside his home, the London Mayor says the ‘political project’ of Europe is out of control
  • Oliver Wright, Adam Withnall Political Editor

Boris Johnson has gambled his long-standing ambition to become Britain’s next Prime Minister on winning the referendum to pull the country out of the European Union as he became the most significant Tory to come out in favour of Brexit.

In a statement Mr Johnson said that after a “huge amount of heartache” he had made the “agonisingly difficult” decision to go against David Cameron and “advocate Vote Leave”.

But significantly he suggested that a no vote might not necessarily result in the UK pulling out of the EU altogether instead, creating a “new relationship based upon trade and cooperation”.

Speaking outside his home, Mr Johnson said the EU was “a political project that has been going on for decades, and is now in real danger of getting out of proper democratic control”.

Mr Johnson said he couldn’t “pass up the only chance any of us have in our lifetimes to put an alternative point of view”.

He asked: “Is it better for Britain to remain in Europe as it currently is, or is there a way that we could actually get a better deal that did more for Britain, and restored some control to the people in this country?”

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