Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS YLE


And those of us who have been pointing out the fact that, it’s buffoonish to allow the importation of an enormous amount of military aged men into the country, are lampooned as fanatics and bigots.

asylum seeker with head on finnish tv

The man circled in the picture above, was in a state YLE broadcast during a segment in ”refugee night” broadcast. He was seen in pictures in a military uniform holding a decapitated head.

Survey: A “considerable” amount of asylum seekers coming to Finland with police and military training”

Hennala reception center

Stock Photo Hennala reception center, which unrest have employed the police constantly. The persons not related to the news. Photo: Lehtikuva

According to a Police College report,  Finland has received a considerable amount of asylum seekers with a background in police and military training​​. The majority of them come from Iraq. 

The applicants’ backgrounds have been revealed in the asylum investigations by the Migration Board and police. The study was used as a source in the Iltalehti’s Immigration Service’s asylum interview given by the head of the unit in December.*

The matter has raised concerns, inter alia, Federation of Finnish Police, who are afraid for safety of police officers in connection with calls to reception centers.

The report states that the ability to use violence and resist guards, and police authorities have been higher than usual in people who have worked in security, police and in military missions.

“From an occupational safety point of view it is problematic, if the rioting party has operated in the country of origin as a security personnel and has tactical methods of a police expert. They have, of course, a greater capacity than the usual asylum-seeker to use violence and weapons, “the report states.

Police and military background is mentioned in a recent survey as one of the possible reasons behind the unrest in reception centers.

More here at MTV3 (in Finnish)

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