Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


I don’t agree with everything that Alan Salehzadeh wrote, but I do believe that his most salient points are worth reposting.

Talking Point: In an insecure Finland, no one has asylum


The reception centers are met, people eagerly discuss asylum policy.Klikkiytyminen gets worse. Picture of Espoo Siikajärvi reception center.

Alan Salehzadeh


The most important thing would be to engage in a smart immigration policy: The kind that prevents opportunists entry to Europe.

If you want to help those affected by war, you should start with those who haven’t thousand of euros in their back pocket for smugglers. It makes sense to support the neighboring countries in the region, which can accommodate tens of thousands who have fled the war; and on the other hand put pressure on the nearby area rich Arab countries who refuse to help.

One may ask why the majority of the refugees that came to Europe are not from countries at war and wealthy countries such as Iraq.


There are three priorities. First, of all organizations, political parties, public authorities and individuals should focus on how things will be de-escalated in the countries of origin.

Secondly, root out ruthless smugglers trafficking in human beings, which we have created and which is currently actively supported in an unsuccessful immigration policy.

Thirdly, the need to ensure that those who eventually are allowed to live here, get an equal chance to succeed in society.

So what about us immigrants? What is our duty? No one is forcing us to settle in Finland. I think if we moved here, it is our duty to appreciate the country’s culture as well as the freedom of expression and equality standards.We do not want that Finland will change into something similar to that of the country from which we started.

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