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The police preparing for threat: Thousands remain in Finland, a negative decision does not prevent asylum seekers


– If a person receives a deportation order and does leave, nor later receives a residence permit on other grounds, he is illegally in the country, says the National Police Board, Police Inspector Jukka Hertell.

Police are preparing for, of the large stream of asylum seekers who came to Finland last year, a few thousand people would remain in the country despite a negative asylum decision.

Police Board Police Inspector Jukka Hertell says to Ilta-Sanomat that the actual numbers are, however, still difficult to assess at this stage.

– A negative asylum decision will immediately result in deportation by the police. If a person receiving a deportation order does not leave the country, nor later receives a residence permit on other grounds, he is in the country illegally.

Illegal immigrants that remain are at high risk of social exclusion, drift towards committing crimes or being abused by criminal groups.

Last year, more than 32 000 asylum seekers arrived in Finland. Interior Ministry has estimated that about half could receive a negative decision.

Hertell says that in the past expulsion decisions coming to the police, 15 percent resulted in the so-called, forced repatriation, in which the police accompanied those to the country of destination.

Half of the 32 000 asylum seekers is 16 000, of which 15 per cent would be 2 400 forced repatriations.

–  It is a calculation formula, if you estimate roughly, Hertell says.

Of those who came to Finland as asylum seekers last year 20 485 were from Iraq, 5 214 from Afghanistan and 1 981 from Somalia, for a total of approximately 28 000 to 32 000.

– Of the largest groups that came to Finland these are three groups. Most likely these will be the ones who do not agree to return voluntarily.

More here at IS (in Finnish)

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