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EU on brink: France declares ‘state of economic emergency’ as Germany faces financial ruin

FRANCE is in a state of economic emergency, President Francois Hollande announced today, amid fears the worsening financial situation in Germany could topple the entire eurozone.


Francois hollande

GETTY Francois Hollande has declared a state of economic emergency

Investor sentiment plunged as the socialist leader announced unemployment in France has surged to an 18-year high of 10.6 per cent – plunging the country into a new economic crisis.

It comes as Germany faces the most difficult start to a year in recent memory. Its own industrial production growth has slipped to ZERO per cent and customer confidence has plummeted in a catalogue of disasters for Chancellor Angela Merkel.

An increasingly desperate Mr Hollande has now said he will PAY French employers to hire people in a bid to boost jobs as he sought to restore confidence and said that it was time to address the country’s “broken” economic model.

He said: “Our country has been faced with structural unemployment for two to three decades and this requires that creating jobs becomes our one and only fight.”

France was facing an “uncertain economic climate and persistent unemployment” and there was an “economic and social emergency”, he said.

Firms will get €2,000 (£1,500) when they employ young, unemployed people for at least six months.

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  1. The oly logical course for the EU to take is to dissolve itself and return the once-great countries back to independence. Then let them all set up a real free-trade area


      1. sorry but thats not correct as it is only if a general election,that you have to re regester,so anyone who voted those morons led by a scumbag can still vote and that applies to all the 4 nations that make up the uk,it is only if you have reached the voting age after the last election that needs to register to vote on this referendum and the local councills.

        1. It adds something else to put people off of voting those sadly.

        2. The Conservative Government have now changed the rules….anyone who intends to vote ‘leave’ will be automatically banned from voting and the voting cards will have two options…’stay’ and ‘stay’……..

          1. Too late! I already have my voting card!

      2. My ballot papers came today…I did not register…i already am

      3. Not true its a camoron ploy if your registerd to vote in elections then your registered to vote in the referendem also use a black biro and not the pencils allocated.and vote out the in croud have there heads buried in the sand and dont know the facts about the EU intentions

    2. I agree ,disband the EU and let the Countries left in go back to reality!!

  2. welcome to the real world the euro zone only fu@@s the world up as we have been saying for years

  3. This “creating jobs” is NONSENSE. That’s what they did in the USSR, which collapsed economically. The French state CANNOT AFFORD to pay employers to employ people; it actually needs to CUT employment takes, not indulge in special deals and fudges.

    1. Completely agree Chris. The French economy as a wealth-creating engine for the country has been hampered by over-regulation, lack of support for small enterprises, a general left-wing ‘anti-business’ political climate (since Hollande came to power), old-fashioned unions (and probably corporate management as well) who are living like it was last century….etc. etc. Giving companies money grants to employ people? What a stupid idea.

  4. So hopefully, we don’t bale them out any more come June 23rd. We had more than enough of Germany in the last century!

  5. We’ve seen this coming for a number of years, trying to spend your way out of an economic crisis will never solve the problem. I hope and pray that here in the UK We will have the wisdom to vote leave on June 23.
    The problem with the EU is that it grew too large and was open to corruption on a equally large scale, also Germany and France want to dominate and rule every one of the other member States. When we have a majority vote to leave I feel sure all the pro brigade, will in a year or two be so glad that we did.

  6. They were doing the same here in the UK not long ago.Paying companies to take on unemployed people.

    1. They were especialy firms who hired immigrants the company that i know of was paid £40 per week per person when the company got established into the system they changed the employment status from qualified operator to factory operative reduced they pay to basic mimium which got rid of the British workers who were on good money and had to pay morgages etc the whole factory is now 99.9% Eastern European it stinks

      1. Some private hire drivers I know were given a car , a Tom-Tom sat-nav and only had to pay half track money( the government paid the other half). They were all asylum seekers waiting for their hearings.

  7. Strange that the country responsible for the deaths of 50 million people in two world wars they started, has been allowed to take control of the very countries they invaded or tried to invade.? Let the Germans go bankrupt. It’s no more than they deserve.

    1. Going by your puerile logic, let’s also hope that Italy collapses (the Roman Empire subjugated much of the then know world), Spain needs to learn a lesson for trying to invade England in 1588), France is an evil aggressor (they tried to invade us in the Napoleonic wars) and as for Iceland, don’t even mention what they tried to do to our cod…

    2. Well said Alan, I’ve been saying exactly the same thing all along.Germany has been trying to buy its way in to every country since the very start.And another thing I’ve always said is how come in Merkel that makes all the decisions and holds the cheque book for the rest of the EU.This is another reason why they are so anxious for Turkey to join its because they are running out of money!!.

        1. Sir, this is not a cyber classroom!!
          How rude and pedantic of you.
          This man maybe dyslexic, judgmental people like yourself do not stop to think there could be a reason as to why a person misspell’s.
          Predictive txt often can be a problem at times.

          1. Yes everybody uses the excuse they are dyslexic when a lot are just too lazy to learn to spell properly, kids who are naughty and just need a good hiding to teach them the error of their ways have ADHD that is the problem with this country and Europe it is everybody’s fault but your own

    3. That’s history and not the Germany of today I do not agree with whats happening with the EU but leave that comment in the gutter where it belongs also by that logic we better not mention the British Empire

      1. germany has only themselves to blame!
        why would anyone vote for a fuhrer who grew up in a brutal comunist dictatorship?
        common sense should have told them she would if put under pressure revert to the type of government she has always known! & understands!
        even bringing in stazi agents to run the thought police!

    4. Totally agree. Couldn’t beat us in two wars but they are trying their best to take over Europe through the EU. Time to leave.

  8. All this was forecast by Nigel Farage two years ago, but few listened, the EU is like Babylon, the difference being the walls are going up, and it will be good riddance to the Bully boys of France, Germany and Brussels.

    1. Nigel predicted it over 15 years ago.
      Now he needs all the support we gave him when he won the European Elections.
      Support every campaign associated with GO and get out and win this Referendum.
      Forget that Cameron might have Vote.Leave in his pocket, We are the strength and the heart and we will win. Positive Mental Attitude. Go convince the Undecided with your heart and mind. Not debatable facts and fighting…. Your Heart.

  9. well you dont have to be a genius to realise the “European project” was always going to fail when the whole “political elite” are the most corrupt bunch around. They collectively have their snouts in the Euro trough which we all pay for. They allow countries which have lied and cooked their books to join – then bail them out, using our money!! and lets not forget Turkey: why not allow in a non-European state and then let them Islamise the rest of Europe? Vote Out guys, dont let our lying politicians frighten you.Britain is Great without Europe.

  10. It’s about time the country woke up to the fact that history had a habit of repeating itself . By 400 AD , the Roman Empire aka “a European Union” disintegrated !; why ? Because countries wanted to rule themselves and not pay taxes to or ruled by Rome !!!!

    1. Very true, but it doesn’t fit in with Cameron’s plan

    2. And thousands of immigrants like the visigoths, vandals, huns etc.

  11. Vote to come out in June or u can bet ur bottom dollar we will have to pay millions to bail this lot out again !!!

  12. Something that is not getting a mention is that now the EU has the power to take money out of our private bank accounts to help fund a country or a bank if gets into trouble

  13. REMEMBER THE DATES: On the 15 June 1215 King John was forced into quitting his evil ways and sign the Magna Carta Libertatum. On 23 June 2016 we should all make sure we get back our Great Charter of the Liberties and never let them go again. Your vote will count so use it wisely

    1. and it says in that great charter anyone who trys to give our land away is a traitor so all them from Edward Heath onward are guilty of treason are traitors and the punishment for that is death so all those alive should be rounded up and shot just to make the point to these so called politicians that they are accountable and backroom deals with out telling the people like they have done to take us into a political union instead of a common market which i voted for is not acceptable they are our servants not the other way round

  14. that’s what happens when you open borders up cheap labour and no job for those born in the area

  15. We call our self’s great Britain for a reason and our leaders should remember that and not sell us down the river. I’ve worked all my life and now feel I am supporting half of Europe, we need to take back our country so school leavers can have those low paid jobs that the eastern Europeans are taking and people forget what a strain on the country it’s having with schools, NHS, the police and countless other agencies

  16. This has gone on far to long we want our country back its the only way we can survive and see the end to corrupt governments!! Out of the EU and take back what is rightfully ours !!

  17. The only ones making large amounts of money are the bankers and you know who Im talking about. One by one they are ruining the EU just like they are ruining the US. Throw them out and the world will turn around.
    All countries must get back their independence, screw the New World Order.

  18. And our millionaire politicians plan to throw our entire national assets into the EU financial meltdown. Section the lying, treacherous, scumbags.

    1. This Government wants to play the saviour of the EU, but all they will manage is to bankrupt our country & make the EU rich.

  19. This is the plan of the new world order. That’s why Hussein Obama wants us to stay in the EU, so he can help with the Islamic domination across the globe!

  20. Germans I speak to would have the Deichmark back in a heartbeat. They loathe the Euro. The problem is not Europe. It is Political Union by Elitist via the back door, unelected. Europe has been Hijacked. It’s really as simple as that.

  21. I agree we leave the EU. enough is enough the IN party cannot PREDICT if we leave we will go into decline…IF we stay where we are it Definatly will go Belly up. It is inevitable with all these countrys having no infastructure of work… The only deal is for us to pull out and Stand alone we have a whole world out there too Negosiate with trade and hopefully with a stand alone we can try and build our own countrys infastructure again like my GRANDPARENTS did when they fought in this countrys WAR BACK IN 1939/1945… to keep us independent and Great…

  22. Well you finely see that importance of having Islamic people who don’t work .
    That drain your welfare systems. Medical educational. and social programs. ..COSTS $$$$$$$ YOU DON’T HAVE. ….
    NO SIMULATION INTO EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. …They don’t pay taxes .only drain your financial situation. …..

  23. I believe British people have the right to stay or leave the EU. England is a small island that battled in two world wars for our freedom, remember they gave there today so we could have our tomorrow.
    If we stay in the EU it will be an insult to those which lost there lives. The NHS will suffer more than it is now. By pulling out of the EU the money we would save could help to strengthen our health services give the British Armed Forces better equipment to do there jobs.
    England in history survived many wars and many difficult times and we over came everyone.
    Those who served and died for this Country should be able to live and work here ie the Polish who lost more men in the battle of Britain than we did. Those who come here to sponge benefits including British people should be told to leave.
    My vote is to leave the EU

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