Finnish Immigration Concerns Islam in Finland


Now is the time for clarity, not mush mouthed responses due to fear how the media will run with it.

He should have blurted out, “there are hierarchies in culture, which is amazingly clear when dealing with these people. It’s why we need training films to teach them how to behave among the civil society”.

“I will not respond to this,” says the Minister of defence to the question of: What makes it difficult for Middle East asylum seekers to integrate?

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Video: Niinistö on integration problems for those coming from the Middle East: I will not respond to this

Good morning Finland

Jussi Niinistö: I will not respond to this

Minister of Defence, vice-chairman of The Finns, Jussi Niinistö, refused to detail in MTV’s Good Morning Finland, why male Middle Eastern asylum-seekers are difficult to integrate.

As he has previously written on his blog that “it is evident that those granted asylum, in particular to men from the Middle East, integrating them will not be an easy task.”  Niinistö was asked on Good Morning Finland, about what was making them problematic to integrate.

– I will not respond to this, Niinistö said. In Niinistö’s view, the opinion is not labeling a single group of people, but in his view it is a pan-European phenomenon.

– In recent times we have had these refugees coming to us, also including those from Afghanistan and these countries. This is now a fact, and I think this is not worth hushing in the name of political correctness, Niinistö says.


NOTE: But that is exactly what Niinistgö did, hush up about why these 3rd world people are going to be difficult to integrate, if at all. They’re from a completely alien culture and embody alien ways of thinking.

It’s one thing for someone from that region to find their way here through marriage or work, it’s a completely different thing altogether for them to come in masse and develop their own communities and power structures (politics) to force the the existing culture to bend towards their norms, the same norms that failed to keep them in ”the old country” in the first place.

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