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Stupid runs deep here as well.

Also, Doctor Ville Holmberg wants to service them, looks out for others’ interests but not yours.

This dispels the myth of deportation of illegals and rejected asylum applicants. This is pure lunacy, both the labeling of the perps and the handling of them. Also, absolutely nothing is said of the immorality of forcing tax paying Finns to provide services to people who have not paid anything into the system, and are here illegally. This is pure contempt for the citizen.

Volunteer clinic concerned about expected sharp rise in undocumented migrants needing health care

Organisers of a Helsinki clinic serving undocumented residents of Helsinki says it’s already cobbling together scarce resources to provide care for patients without identity documents. Officials say they expect that as many as 20,000 undocumented migrants could remain in Finland – and will need health care.

Lääkärin vastaanottohuone paperittomien klinikalla
Doctor’s reception at a clinic for undocumented migrants. Image: Yle

Global Clinic operates on volunteer power and specialises in providing dental and health care to undocumented migrants in Finland. The organisation says it’s concerned about caring for an anticipated increase in the number of patients coming for treatment.

Workers at the clinic’s Helsinki location said that they will run out of resources to care for the sick if individuals whose asylum applications have been rejected decide to remain in Finland.

Finland is likely to begin handing down its first set of asylum decisions at the beginning of 2016 and clinic officials said that it is likely that the number of persons living in the country without identity papers will increase rapidly during the coming years.

Volunteers pointed to neighbouring Sweden, where they said that only half of refugees who had received unfavourable asylum decisions had left the country.

Up to 20,000 undocumented could stay in Finland

Clinic workers estimated that as many as 20,000 undocumented migrants could remain in Finland. Current estimates put the number of people living in the country without identification documents at a few thousand. The clinic said that it had no means of preparing for a sudden rise in patient numbers.

“We are already at our limits at the moment. If the number of patients increases, we have no possibilities to treat them,” said Ville Holmberg, a doctor who volunteers at the Helsinki clinic.

Global Clinic offers the services of its volunteer staff to individuals who are not entitled to public health care at locations in Helsinki, Turku and Oulu. According to Finnish law undocumented individuals only have a right to care in emergency situations.

In addition, the city of Helsinki offers health care services to undocumented minors and pregnant women.

“We haven’t even yet noticed that the number of patients has risen because of the arrival of asylum seekers, but there will surely be more next year. We can’t expand our operations if the number of migrants without identity documents increases. The public sector should shoulder some of the responsibility,” Holmberg remarked.


NOTE: Police should have squads camped out near these health care centers and demand papers from the suspects, they’ll  be easy to spot, and then deport them.

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