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The EU is a statist enterprise that uses its bureaucracy to further business partners it has developed crony relations with, whether they be private or state run entities.

The more legislation (directives) passed, the less free your economy will be and more empowered certain select businesses will be over their competition. Instead of letting the free market work for the consumer, the masterminds in charge (and löobbyists) want to hedge their bets and status, at the expense, of a real free market and the consumer.

NOTE: It’s all a rigged game (economically and representative democracy), and the consumer/citizen is the patsy.

FARAGE FOR BREITBART: Brussels Is Targeting UK Fishermen Like Me, And The UK Papers Ignore It

British newspapers tend to bury bad news from Brussels on the international pages of their publications. It is as if what happens in Brussels is really not relevant to our lives in the UK.

I have railed against this for years, to little avail, yet every one of our five million small businessmen and women could tell you how relevant EU diktats are.

Whether it is employment legislation, health and safety, environmental law, or even the speed at which lorries can drive at on our motorways, it is nearly all decided in Brussels.

So is our trade policy, control of our financial services industry, and now, they are even coming after our hobbies and recreations.

I am one of nearly one million sea anglers in this country. Our absolute freedom and right as enshrined in Magna Carta has dictated that from the high tide mark to the low tide mark, this area is common land. We are free if we choose to go and catch fish.

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