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Fraud in Finland, especially in the public sector is extremely rare.

Say what you will about governmental bureaucracy (and I often do, and with gusto), one thing that you cannot say about it here in Finland, is that it’s rampant with corruption, or at least the sort that is associated with the transferring of money from one hand to the other.

NOTE: This shows the buffoonery in believing that all cultures are alike, that the ‘magic dirt’ experience will automatically transform the migrant into a model citizen by merely touching the soil of the host country.

The Social Services Department employee deceived asylum seekers for cash

Helsinki District Court sentenced an employee of the City of Helsinki Social Services Department to probation.

The 45-year-old man of Kurdish descent received thousands of euros from asylum seekers who were led to believe that he could influence the migration decisions of the agency.

The judgment was for three months and 15 days of probation for three counts of fraud.

The first fraud took place in 2009-2010 and the last in 2014. The man worked for the City of Helsinki Social Services Department for immigrants as a counseling center service advisor.

A man of Kurdish descent paid the 45-year-old on four separate occasions a total of EUR 4000, when the 45-year-old man promised to remove him from the deportation list and issue him a residence permit.

In another case, the man got on three separate occasions a total of just under 2,000 euros again with the promise to remove the payer from a deportation list. This was accompanied by the promise of a residence permit organized by a third person.

In the third case, in 2014, the man received just under 300 euros by promising to arrange the payer’s girlfriend to live in Finland.

Service Advisors do not really have a chance to influence the migration decisions of the Agency, and according to the law, it’s meant to be that way.

45-year-old denied the crime, but the court upheld the plaintiffs’ reports to be more credible. One report also had a secretly recorded conversation with the 45-year-old.

MTV3  (TT translation)


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