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Marko Juntunen shills for the OIC.

Yeah, right, “religion, according to the survey, had a surprisingly minor role in radicalization.” This is the kind of non serious ‘research’ churned out by the hacks of the Finnish academy. No serious minded person would ever believe any of the nonsense they come up with.

marko juntunen

Back in 2008, the then sec-gen of the OIC, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, visited Helsinki to participate in a seminar panel arranged by the UPI (The Finnish Institute of Foreign Affairs) titled “Islam in Europe” with researcher Marko Juntunen and Raimo Väyrynen.

During the Q&A period of the event I asked how he could he and his organization claim to be a bridge between the Islamic world and the West, when its own members promote the most wretched antisemitism/Jew hatred since the Nazis?

He answered: “We are not anti-Semitic, (unclear) believing in moderacy and decency as part of my belief, my doctrine, I am a Muslim, and when I pray, I pray for all prophets including Moses, Jesus and Mohamed.”

OIC ishanoglu

His denial of Muslim and Islamic inspired antisemitism went without one syllable in rebuttal, let alone of condemnation from researcher Marko Juntunen, who just sat there next to him like he was completely oblivious as to what just transpired. So it’s highly amusing (and nauseating) for me to see him join in on the bandwagon hyping supposed islamofauxbia as reason why Muslims are joining the jihad against the infidels.

Researchers cite Islamophobia and world politics as radicalisation factors

Academics at Tampere and Helsinki universities say that Islamophobia and global politics are prime factors in the radicalisation of people who have left Finland to fight in Iraq and Syria. Their interim report on polarisation and radicalisation in Finland was published on Tuesday.

Syyrian hallituksen ilmaiskujen jälkiä Doumassa 30. lokakuuta.
War in Syria has grabbed the attention of some Muslims in Finland. Image: Mohammed Badra / EPA

An atmosphere perceived as hostile to Muslims and strong opinions about world politics are the main reasons Finnish fighters have left to join conflicts in Iraq and Syria, according to new research from Helsinki and Tampere universities.

Researchers Karin Creutz, Marko Juntunen and Juha Saarinen interviewed some 20 people with links to people who had left to fight—but not the fighters themselves. They also collected material from Twitter and Facebook.

They found that marginalisation and hostility towards Muslims were the main factors in radicalisation in Finland.

Creutz, a researcher at the University of Helsinki’s Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism (CEREN), and a PhD candidate in sociology at the Department of Social Research, told Yle that religious background seemed to be nearly irrelevant.

“Nobody in our research database is from a very religious family,” she said. “Some are converts and some are from fairly secular Muslim families. This factor plays a really minor role.”

The lack of a forum for open discussion was also problematic, according to researchers, with a lack of trust in Finnish society making it difficult to discuss issues and pushing young people towards extremist groups.

Researchers found that radicalised youth perceive global politics as unjust, and feel a duty to defend people they see as their oppressed Muslim kin. They feel that only Muslims’ actions in conflict areas are condemned, and that the term ‘terrorist’ is defined by western discourses.

“Atmosphere in Finland changed radically in three years”

Researchers also found that experience of racism also helped people decide to leave to fight in the Middle East.

“The interviewees felt that the atmosphere in Finland has changed radically beginning in the early 2000s and especially in the past three years,” notes Creutz. “They feel that nowadays anyone can say absolutely anything on social media.”

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) estimates that at least 70 people have left Finland to fight in Syria and Iraq between 2012 and 2015.


NOTE: It never occurs to these researchers that one of the job descriptions for these jihadists once they make it back home, is to become bald faced liars for the cause. Hype up marginalization, racism and fraudulent ”islamofauxbia” as the reason for their joining the jihad in the first place.

Cluebat for Juntunen and Creutz, it’s Islam 101 that’s the reason for their ”radicaliztion”, getting to know the full mohamed makes them that way.

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