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Thanks to my good buddy Doris Wise Montrose for initially bringing this up with me, it pays to look back periodically at important pieces on Islam to debunk present day blatherings on Islam.

Islam booted

The Illusion of Reforming Islam


You cannot reform Islam and you cannot transform it. All you can and should do, is dump it. Please, let us stop this charade. Either be a Muslim and do as Muhammad said or leave Islam and don’t become a shield for the terrorists. Don’t muddy the waters. Don’t mix among the enemy and pose as a friend. This is the same tactic that Palestinians use in war. They mix among civilians and innocent children to make it difficult for their enemy to target them. You are causing confusion. You provide a protective shield for the enemy. I am not writing this for you. I know you are not going to change. You are a deceiver. I am writing this for the non-Muslims so they do not fall into your trap and don’t provide for you free podium to deceive them.

Islam cannot be reformed. They tried it in every imaginable way. The Mu’tazelis tired it, the Sufis tried it, hundreds of old and new schools tried it and they all failed. If you cannot stomach the Sharia, why do you want to keep Islam at all? Islam belongs to the toilet of history. Dump it and flush. Get rid of it and don’t fool yourself with this nonsense. Accept the truth. Yes truth matters. Islam is a lie. Muhammad was a mentally sick conman. Get over with it and stop this ridiculous farce of reformation.

I totally agree with Ali.  

After the horrific events of 9/11, I began my sojourn into trying to find out exactly what is Islam, what are its core tenets, how do they relate to the modern world, how can it be modernized (if need be) to cope with its radical elements and so on. I initially began to look at it from Daniel Pipes’ perspective, that being: “radical Islam is the problem, moderate Islam is the solution”. His (Daniel’s) argumentation however did not convince me, Ali’s position, and others like it, has.

I wish it weren’t so, but as I keep saying, not only will they not reform because of the already explained reason, devout Muslims will refuse any enlightenment for islam because they already benefit from historical hindsight, this is important, they already know where any such enlightenment will lead. I have yet to hear Daniel Pipes, MZeJay (Zuhdi Jasser) and like ilk address that in any meaningful way.

So for all those who read this blog, regularly, or from time to time, and who view my position on Islam as unreasonable, highly repugnant and/or bigoted, remember this, don’t blame me for the inability of those (who claim Islam is peace / or can be reformed) for not providing a convincing case. You’re only angry at me because your side lacks any convincing argumentation whatsoever.

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