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Finnish international lawyer Martin Scheinin is a loon.

The file image shows ISIL terrorists executing dozens of captured Iraqi security forces members at an unknown location in the Salaheddin province.

NOTE: This is the same crackpot that wanted to hamper the counter intelligence community in 2009 with trans-gender friendly PC politics, Robert Spencer set him straight. This following story is in connection with the two Iraqi twin brothers arrested for participation in mass murderer of cadets in Tikrit.

Professor Martin Scheinin criticizes the central criminal police officers, “the concept of terrorism is used to gently stirs up fear”

Professor of International Law Martin Scheinin criticizes the central criminal police (NBI) that it uses in connection with the case of imprisoned Iraqi criminals the title of ‘terrorist intent on murder.”

The NBI announced on Wednesday the arrest of Iraqi twin brothers who resided in Finland. They are suspected of murdering 11 police cadets in Iraq in June 2014.

As evidence the NBI has captured video of executions, which jihadist organization Isis has used as propaganda.

According to Scheinin, the NBI criminal term  used is fomenting in Finland and around the world fears that Isis would be sending terrorists in with refugees into the West.

On the basis of scarce information existing on the case Scheinin estimates that murders are not about terrorism but the killing of unarmed prisoners of war, which criminal title of a war crime could be used.

“In order to constitute terrorism, the crime would have had the form, for example, the bombings on civilian targets and the killing of hostages. A prisoner of war is not the same thing as a hostage. Terrorism bystanders are killed to spread terror among the population, “Scheinin says.

He points out that the war criminal and terrorist offenses are both serious crimes, which may lead to severe penalties. Aggravated war crimes can get life imprisonment and it prevents obtaining refugee status.

Scheinin, the NBI’s use of Criminal title is of great importance the rule of law and the social atmosphere of.

“Criminal title is of enormous importance to public opinion, to the international debate, and also to the point of view of Finnish security assessment,” he says.

“The NBI’s speech on terrorism feeds the impression that Isis sent terrorists to Finland, whose aim perhaps is to make suicide bombings or other terrorist acts here. Accused war crimes would apply to the act which might have been made in Iraq, and give at least the opportunity to believe that the perpetrators have fled the crisis area, instead they should be sending terrorists to Finland. “


NOTE: The reason why the murder of these men were broadcast was to sew fear into the general population, a highly political move used time and again by these sub-humans islamonazi cockroaches.

The Islamic State has openly announced that it plans to send jihadis to West, infiltrating them with the general male muslim settler crowd, and this jackass says we shouldn’t give that impression?

Anyone coming from their group into the West HAS TO BE DEEMED AS AN INFILTRATING TERRORIST. Not doing so is criminal negligence, a severe disregard for public safety.

What planet is he living on for crying out loud?

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  1. What a relieve. Of course a (nice) war criminal would never resort to anything so dreadful as terrorist acts…. These guys who are accused of murdering 11 unarmed police cadets would never use violence against defenseless civilians…. As long as you defend the culprit and not the victims. ISIS is sending terrorists among migrants/refugees, they have said so themselves… Looking away for reality is maybe even a bigger problem than the problem itself.

  2. Good article, thank, I’ll keep on lurking in the background

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