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Minding his own business and creating good will while he does it is just too much for council officials.

My guess, the yearly tradition offended certain ears.

Threatened with court – for playing Christmas music at flower stall

Alan Poole, who raises money for the Children’s Hospital described council decision as ‘nonsense’

Rotunda Square stallholder Allan Poole with daughter Roxanne

A Birmingham florist is at the centre of a ding-dong with council officials after they ordered him to stop playing Christmas carols – or face court action.

But last night Allan Poole, whose city centre Yuletide display raises money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital, refused to mistle-toe the line.

He has vowed to continue with the seasonal soundtrack and have his day in court.

There will be no silent nights – or days, for that matter – at his stall until magistrates ban the music.

The 52-year-old, who has manned Central Flowers stall in the city centre for close on 40 years and broadcast traditional tinsel songs for over a decade, told the Sunday Mercury: “This is a nonsense. It’s Christmas and I’m playing Christmas music like every other trader.”

Allan Poole’s Rotunda Square stall

More here. H/T: Tommy Robinson

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  1. I am beginning to be ashamed to be British with our crazy cowtowing to ‘political correctness’ giving in to the whims of minority groups who refuse to accept our norms and traditions.
    We live in a predominantly Christian country and as a Jew I have the greatest respect for the religious right to celebrate Christian festivals in the most public way I love Christmas carols and abhor attempts to ban them and to downgrade Christmas to a “seasonal festivity” Keep playing and dare them to punish you. You are not breaking any laws and bringing pleasure to many

    1. I heartily endorse what Joy Wolfe has said.

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