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The head islamonazi Turk is not amused.erdogan turk poobah

Meanwhile the Islamonazi run gov of Turkey gets key concessions from EU (dhimmi) leaders to allow the easing of visa requirements for Turks coming to the EU.

NOTE: The IHH is the islamonazi org that Erdogan uses as his brownshirts, they are the same group of jihadis who provoked violence on the Mavi Marmara that Ergdogan sanctioned.

Mystery over who bombed Turkish convoy allegedly carrying weapons to militants in Syria

© IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
A Turkish convoy, which according to some reports was transporting weapons to terrorist organizations, has been hit by apparent airstrikes in northwestern Syria.

Footage released online by the Istanbul-based Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) shows plumes of smoke from the burning trucks and people running about in panic. At least 20 trucks were engulfed in flames.

The mission, however, wasn’t sponsored or organized by the IHH, the group said. No organization has as yet confirmed that the convoy belonged to them.

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  1. If the truck laden with weapons did not belong to the Istanbul based ‘Humanitarian Relief Foundation’ – then why are they making so much fuss about it?

    p.s. : Go Putin!!

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