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I happen to follow the Finnish Minister of Finance, Alexander Stubb, on twitter, and just a few moments ago, he showed some ankle.

stubb 2

“Here is a thesis published this week on my Blue Wing column, a very well written analysis.”

stubb speech

So I clicked the link he provided, and I noticed a stunning admission in the thesis done by, Inka-Minttu Läksy, analyzing Stubb’s communication skills in being an opinion shaper in the EU (fake) parliament and as Finland’s PM, that apparently the Finnish Minister of Finance agrees with her, wholeheartedly: Inka-Minttu Läksy writes…..

“Politics affect every society as a whole as well as every individual on a personal level, thus the study of political language and communication is always warranted. Philosopher Pierre Bourdieu (1994) argues that through conditioning, the elite’s worldview becomes the general worldview held by the whole society. Additionally, fellow French philosopher Michel Foucault argues that the ideational domination of the elite is inescapable (2000). What and how the political elite choose to communicate is not insignificant by any means”

This is in fact a very stunning admission.

Those of you who read this blog daily understand my world views to a great degree. I’m a champion of the civil society, of ordered liberty, capitalism, individual freedom and sovereignty. The ruling class simply does not trust the civil society from which it was created, in fact, they’ve been at war with it since the advent of the industrial revolution and the emergence of the democratic states.

Seeking to subvert the gains made by the emergence of the free market which unleashed prosperity and upward mobility, the statist has always been the chief threat to our livelihoods and way of life. They have been the single most restrictive force on our economies and personal liberties, all the while they say that they champion both. They’re liars.

So I posted a query to the Finnish Minister of Finance:


He won’t respond, but I’m banking on his many readers to pause and reflect exactly on what this man’s mindset is, and on what he purports to represent, and on what he actually represents. He’s a big time EU hack politician, a crony big business welfarist, who loves these big leviathan institutions that smother the individual and elevate his fellow statists. He’s of the ruling class mindset, and he and others like him do not have your best interests at heart, not by a long shot.

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