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A colleague and friend of mine works in the Finnish school system in southern Finland, and came across this school book in A Christian religious class (yes, they do hold religious classes in Finland, the Lutheran Church is the state religion). The school book depicts how Jews lived at the time of Jesus and that they lived in, wait for it…… “Palestine”.

The title of the chapter is “Life in Palestine”

Finnish school bokk indoctrinationFinnish school bokk indoctrination2

In a Palestinian home

In an average family’s home

there was only one room.

The people and animals lived together

in the same room.

The women worked at home.

Many men fished, farmed and

built homes and made clay pots.

Finnish school bokk indoctrination1

The Jews at the time of Jesus lived in Judea, the Roman Imperial province of Judea to be exact, formerly Israel-Judah-Judea the only united, independent, sovereign nation-state in the land. It only became Palestine in 135 AD after the Bar Kochba revolt with Jews being driven out of the land, though many managed to remain in the land in whatever way that they could.

That the highly vaunted Finnish school system chooses to use the mendacious label of “Palestine” for a period some 135 years before it was imposed on the region, is pure sloppiness bordering on intellectual scumbaggery.

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  1. In the back of many (most?) Christian Bibles, there are maps. One usually is titled “Palestine in the Time of Christ”. While I have tried and tried to explain to Christian friends that this is a lie, they simply don’t want to believe me.

    But then, some also have told me that “while Jesus may have been born Jewish, he became a Christian…” The Jew-hatred seems to continue to run deep in the Church, even amongst those who “say” they love & support Israel.

    1. It’s a terrible meme, intellectually and factually. I have heard many use that term as well, it only serves the paleostinian narrative at the Jews’ expense.

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