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Imam in Finland Anas Hajjari is a lying sack of crap…….

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Former CIA informant weighs in, pay specific attention at the 3.30 mark…

Then there’s this lying shiite, Abbas Bahmanpour, who refuses to condemn sharia law’s edict on killing homosexuals. Here he is at YLE laying yet another steaming pile for the Finns to smear themselves in.

YLE: Interfaith, anti-violence demonstration in Helsinki

One of the demonstrators, Abbas Bahmanpour who is Imam of the Helsinki-based Islamic community Resalat, said that he thinks the demonstration’s tone fit the situation at hand.

“I think this is the right way – we should respond with love and unity and not with anger and suspicion. Because that’s what a terrorist organisation like Islamic State wants. They want to create discord and want to break our European ties,” Bahmanpour said.  YLE

Islam has no European ties you taqiyya artist, at least not the Europe of the Enlightenment. Also, Islam is a terrorist ideology the day mohamed left Mecca for Medina (Yathrib, the former Jewish town that mohamed decimated). Every aspect of the koran (chronologically) is full of verses glorifying and promoting terror and subjugation, it is these verses that abrogate the former (from the Meccan period).

You would like nothing better than for Europe to go full throated Islamic, thereby repeating Islamic history and misery in our societies. So go spread your Iranian honey laced bile back in your home country and leave us alone. You Jerk.

NOTE: Any Finn doubting my words, especially those in the fake media at YLE (that actually read this blog) take a copy of Sam Solomon’s “Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding“, read it for yourself, and then ask these hucksters what they think of it.

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  1. “…Imam in Finland Anas Hajjari is a lying sack of crap…….”

    Editor: Please check the spelling of his firstname in future , his name is Anus Hajjari.

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