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How about being indoctrinated from birth on classic Islamic inspired antisemitism ginned up by the local imams and Arab leadership?

The Arabs practice a desperately weird culture to begin with, watch this FB vid before its gets taken down, a child only a few years old forced to play “knives” with his father (or someone related).

What draws a child to become a terrorist?

Terror Israel

13-year-old east Jerusalem boy who carried out stabbing attack in Pisgat Ze’ev hospitalized at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem‏. (photo credit:Courtesy)

The wave of terror that hit Israel a couple of months ago has been largely attributed to “lone wolves.” Further than this, these lone attackers have included children as well as a couple of elderly terrorists, making it harder for security forces to anticipate who the next stabber might be.

“You don’t expect kids to draw knives and stab anyone in sight, so it means we have no real profile for a lone wolf,” says Dr. Simon Perry, an expert on homeland security and policing terrorism from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. “It can be a young man, woman kid or elderly person. There is no clear profile for security personnel to be aware of, so they need to be aware of every possibility,” he tells The Jerusalem Post.

In Palestinian society, “It’s OK for children to be used as long as they are sexually mature,” explains Dr Reuven Berko,  a former adviser on Arab Affairs to the Jerusalem District Police, recalling an interview he once conducted with Hamas founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin in which this point was raised. “That’s the only sign needed to be recruited.”

He stresses that child abuse of this kind is not unique to Palestinian society: “You can see this phenomenon all over the Middle East and also in Africa.” Berko makes note of the practice seen in the Iraq-Iran War in which Iranian children were given cut-outs of keys , symbolizing the promise of being sent to heaven, before being sent into Iraqi minefields to clear the ground for troops.

“It’s a cynical use of children who are exposed to permanent incitement,” Berko says of the Palestinian attackers, pointing to media, social networks and mosques as sources of incitement.

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