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The mind of the Left is a steamy pile of muddled goo.

There is no reason whatsoever for a non-muslim woman to don a hijab while visiting a mosque (beachhead), taking off one’s shoes is more than enough. As a non-muslim, putting it on is engaging in Islamic rituals, like a man visiting a synagogue and donning a prayer shawl reserved for observant Jewish men alone. She’s an ignoramus about everything else so it stands to reason why she would walk around with that sign of infidel hatred on her head.

NOTE: Not even the Queen of Sweden is cajoled into wearing one, and she even has slippers on.

swede queen in mosque

H/T: Kurt L Vangsness


Hillary Clinton, by wearing the Hijab, is advertising that she is the property of a man

Daniel Greenfield

Hillary’s latest campaign video tries to build up her non-existent foreign policy experience. That means making as much as possible out of her feminist speech in China… which avoided criticizing a Communist regime that forces women to have abortion. (Or as her Planned Parenthood pals call it, health care outreach.) And showing her travel photo slideshow.

It’s basically like those travel videos friends force you to watch… except this is a really expensive commercial and no one can force you to watch it.

But in odd contrast to touting Hillary’s feminism and strength, is this shot of her wearing a Hijab; an Islamic garment of submission.

Not only has the Hijab consistently been a source of Muslim violence against women, both in punishing women who don’t wear it and punishing women who take it off, but its origins lie in an Islamic commandment distinguishing Muslim women, who couldn’t be raped, from non-Muslim slave women captured by Mohammed’s rampaging gang.

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