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It’s so bad the Swedish political elite have to start talking like the SD.

But it’s to make room for more! And they will they ever report the exact amount of money it cost the Swedish taxpayer to house these people, feed them, take care of them and then finally deport them, let alone the vast numbers (whose lies were believed) allowed to stay.


Sweden minister: 'speed up deportations'

Refugees arriving in Stockholm last month. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT

Sweden minister: ‘speed up deportations’

Published: 10 Oct 2015 16:06 GMT+02:00

Johansson pointed out that approximately 6,000 people with deportation orders are still living in Sweden.

“You must surely start with them. The space is needed for newly arrived asylum seekers,” Johansson said.

Since 2011 between 3,000 and 4,000 people have been deported annually. Now Johansson says that more money should be spent on enforcing the deportation orders, with the funds directed to the police and other authorities who handle deportations.

The more long-term work is, according to Johansson, finding and reject those who have deportation orders but who live hidden “in a shadowy existence”, often exploited by unscrupulous employers who take advantage of their situation.

Johansson also insisted that the government has control over the escalating refugee crisis.

More here.

NOTE: Yeah, the “control” of which they speak, is nothing more than shoving these muslim settlers over the border to Finland.

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