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Excellent take down of the incredibly dense and dumb. 

New Israel Fund’s Amiram Goldblum Knows Who The Real Terrorists Are

Meet my friend David Zlotnick (a terrorist) and his wife (a terrorist too) and his kids (not quite terrorists yet). Here he is taking his family on a break to the coast away from their busy schedule of occupying the ancestral homeland of the Jews in the hills above Jerusalem:

David Zlotnick, terrorist settler, and his terrorist settler kids according to New Israel Fund - Photo: David the Terrorist

He, and his wife (but not his kids yet), are all terrorists according to Amiram Goldblum of theNew Israel Fund.

When David is not engaging in acts of (invented) terror by living on the indigenous land of the Jews, he runs one of Israel’s most spectacular networks of emergency health clinics which employs and treats numerous Arabs and Jews without reference to ethnicity (obviously)because Israel isn’t an apartheid state.

He masterminds this from his terrorist hide out of Neve Daniel, a town which was is part of the Gush Etzion block which was violently ethnically cleansed of Jews and illegally occupied by Jordan from 1949 to its liberation in 1967.

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