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And Cameron’s failure is to call it “Islamism”, when it’s just Islam.

The only reason these feckless politicians are having a problem in naming the actual threat, is that it’s followed by 1.6 billion muslims. If it was a new found cult of a few thousand or even a hundred thousand, carrying out the exact same type of brutal murder & mayhem, subjugation of non-believers, enslavement and brutal punishments for perceived violations of its code, then the response by the West (and the rest of the world9 would be drastically different.

NOTE: We need to shift focus away from the actual number of Muslims, to the threat this ideology poses to mankind. We can’t afford to knee-jerk this issue anymore.

Cameron Calls Out Obama for Failure to Name Islamism

UK Prime Minister David Cameron (Photo: Screenshot from video)

UK Prime Minister David Cameron (Photo: Screenshot from video)

U.S. President Barack Obama has drawn fire in the UN from UK Prime Minister David Cameron this week over Obama’s refusal to name the Islamist ideology specifically as the root cause of violent extremism.

Obama cautioned a gathering of international leaders not to profile Muslims specifically on the grounds that “violent extremism is not unique to any one faith.”

“Barack, you said it and you’re right — every religion has its extremists,” Cameron countered. “But we have to be frank that the biggest problem we have today is the Islamist extremist violence that has given birth to ISIL, to al-Shabab, to al-Nusra, al Qaeda and so many other groups.”

“The boy who straps a bomb to his chest and blows up an Iraqi town, the guy that stands in the desert with a knife, having just beheaded a British hostage or whoever, they don’t get there from a standing start” Cameron went on to say.

More here. H/T: Buck

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