Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Finland Finland and Israel Leftist-Muslim nexus


Finnish Leftists ramping up the hatred of Israel.

The KEPA an umbrella organisation for Finnish civil society organisations (CSOs), it’s in part funded by the Finnish taxpayer, and it’s the same org which kicked out the Israeli centrist organization, JNF, from its international “World Village Festival.”

Now it’s singling out the Jewish state for more vitriol laden propaganda through the Leftist youth party of the Finnish “Vasemmisto” and the Greens who are behind this large project, but also the SDP (Socialists) and RKP (Swedish Finns Party) youth.


finn left wall breakers fb page

“Muurinmurtajat” (Wall Breakers) are coordinated by the Left Youth on the Israel / Palestine conflict, the campaign, which encourages ordinary Finnish people to participate in the work for peace to end the conflict. The project is also funded by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and global education aid. In co-operation with the Social Democratic Youth, RKP-young, Social Democratic students (SONK), the Left-students (Vasop) and the Greens young people and students (ViNO). Project trainings will be held later in the autumn also in Joensuu, Turku, Tampere and Oulu. ( Now in Helsinki)

Come and learn more about the Israel / Palestine conflict and ways to participate in efforts to end the occupation of Palestine!

Training on conflict, in which the participants will be built expertise in efforts to end the conflict will be held in Helsinki in October.

The training is open to all young people. Political youth organizations, members of the student actors, another non-governmental organization operating in or just interested young people are all cordially invited to training!

Training complex includes three meetings at Kepa (Elimäenkatu 25-27). Meetings will be held on the following dates:

Thursday 15.10. 17-20
Thursday 22.10. 17-20
Wednesday 28.10. 17-20

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