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No Stubb, they’re not Syrians, not refugees and there’s no crisis. It’s a mass muslim settler movement pretending that they’re migrating geese.

“it’s not a crisis in the Middle East of muslims killing other muslims, this has been the way there since the advent of islam.”

He’s of the same jackass cult of political believers that insist illiterate muslims (in both Finnish & English) will be the catalyst in producing revenue to pay for the welfare state for future generations. All around him that is/has been proven to be false.

The welfare state is expanding while it implodes. More than half of these “new residents” are on the dole long after they’ve been (not) “integrated”. Systemic unemployment of over +230 000 Finns remains unchanged, while the state adds on more debt according to pseudo Keynesian economic policies that don’t even fit that failed economic theory’s requirements.

It’s why I call him stubborn Stubbid..

stubb 2

NOTE: Stubbid is a EU-ophile first, second and third, a Finnish representative dead last.

eu commission lap dog stubb

From the comments: “LMFAO what a silly little slimy (edited), what on earth is he doing feeling that he can speak for all of Europe? If I lived in the same flat as him I wouldn’t even want him to claim to speak out in my name, and yet he somehow feels entitled to speak out as if he speaks for all of Europe…???”

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