Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


Don’t worry, the police are “monitoring social media”.

Great to see thousands of Finns turning out to defend their country from being invaded by muslim settlers. May it be a peaceful protest.

Police: Tension in Lahti has grown – fistfights already broken out

In Lahti, thousands of people are demonstrating this weekend to protest on behalf of immigration and against it. Police are preparing for demonstrations, and follow closely the debate on the social networks.

Asylum seekers Hennala.
Asylum seekers present themselves at Hennala. Photo: Markku Luoma We left / Yle

This coming weekend in the square in Lahti, anti-immigration Close the Borders demonstration and counter-demonstration -An Open Lahti will be held at the same time.

The demonstrations are expected to total more than 2 000 people.

Häme Police Department Detective Chief Inspector Martti Hirvonen explains that the police are preparing for protests.

– We seek to determine the number of participants, and according to that tailor the measures. Before the events we are following closely the discussions on social networks, which in recent days has been a noticeable increase in tensions.

Tightening of the atmosphere is also reflected in Lahti’s street scene.

For example, on the weekend a small melee took place at night in the center, which involved groups of Finnish and immigrant backgrounds. Shouting matches finally ended in fisticuffs.

– The police calmed the situation quickly and the crowd was taken from the scene. Asylum seekers from Hennala were not involved, says Hirvonen.

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