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Finland is filled with these jackass profs who think money grows on trees.

Teivainen happens to also be one of these flat earth de-growthers, who wants to turn developed countries into 3rd world backwaters. What piece of filth. Time to debunk the Green movement for what it is, anti-enlightenment, de-growth, wealth distribution marxism.

Professor: Finland being branded “Finno-Ugric hickville”

A professor of world politics at the University of Helsinki has levelled criticism at recent events contributing to what he sees as Finland’s tarnished reputation. He says that both domestic and foreign policy choices have recently upset many and compromised the country’s credibility.

Helsingin yliopiston maailmapolitiikan professori Teivo Teivainen.
Professor of global politics Teivo Teivainen. Image: Yle

Helsinki University world politics professor Teivo Teivainen says that Finland’s decision to cut contributions to the United Nations environmental UNEP programme by six million euros and to halve funding to other UN organisations has smeared Finland’s reputation.

The loss of credibility is also directly related to Finland’s attitude towards immigrants, he says.

“We are slipping away from being perceived as a tolerant, affluent Nordic family due to these recent incidents,” Teivainen said on Yle’s morning TV programme on Monday.

“It seems like we’re branding Finland as some kind of Finno-Ugric hick town.”

Further dents in the country’s image include its scratch vote on the European Commisison’s plan to relocate asylum-seekers across the EU and recent racist protests against refugees.

“We are fast approaching the same black hole with our attitude towards immigrants as Hungary,” says Teivainen. “Finland’s combined domestic and foreign policy is not looking good. Finland’s reputation has been destroyed quite effectively.”

The label of backwardness is more than a cosmetic flaw, he says, adding that how a country reacts to others in crisis is reflected in the support it will later receive if faced with a crisis of its own.

“When we ourselves face distress – whether financial, military or from a natural disaster – then we’ll the consequences of our actions,” Teivainen warned.


3 Responses

  1. Let him lead by example then. Here’s to him donating at least 50% of his salary for the next 5 years to whichever UN cause he cares so very much about. The caveat being that it is done 100% anonymously and he gets zero publicity from his actions.

    Talk is cheap – and opinions can be next to worthless.

  2. “…“It seems like we’re branding Finland as some kind of Finno-Ugric hick town.”

    Assisting muslim economic migrants gain a further foothold in peaceful Western societies only helps them further the muslim cause. It will not make Filand more ‘tolerant’ – and who is trying to prove what to whom in any case?

    It is certainly not enlightened self-interest. Enlightened self-interest would be allowing muslim internecine problems to play out between muslim sects and tribes in muslim lands. They are the ones who need to sort themselves out – rather than spreadng their psychic infection throughout relatively halthy societies.

    “…When we ourselves face distress – whether financial, military or from a natural disaster – then we’ll the consequences of our actions,” ”

    What is that supposed to mean? That if Finland doesn’t placate muslims now and give them free entry, food, money, accomodation, work, education – that Finns won’t be able to run to muslims for help and free entry, food, money, accomodation, work, education when some gigantic disaster that affects all of Finland happens?

    Really? He wants to go running to muslims? And would there then be any guarantee that muslims return the favour in kind? Rather than seeing Finland’s (hypothetical) plight as being the punishment of allah on worthless infidels??? Professor of global politics Teivo Teivainen should read up on his islam – they have the koran to uphold, remember:
    “….Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust.] (Al-Ma’dah 5: 51)

    1. These radicals will not live among their pet projects, that’s for sure.

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