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See Europe what you let inside your borders?

A bunch of islamonazi, Jew hating neanderthals, who will take your society down with them. We should be standing with the democratic Jewish state against the thugocracies of the Islamos. The post-modern/ post-enlightenment West is twisted around and turned inside out, so confused about its moorings that it lunges this way and that, thrashing around like sick horse in up to its chest in mud.

Protesters clash outside Downing St over Netanyahu’s UK visit

© AFP | A demonstrator waves the Palestinian flag outside British Prime Minister David Cameron’s residence in London on September 9, 2015 to oppose Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Britain this week


Pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli demonstrators clashed outside British Prime Minister David Cameron’s London residence on Wednesday ahead of a visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Police officers separated the two groups and took away at least two protesters following minor scuffles and chanting by both sides, according to an AFP photographer.

Around 400 pro-Palestinian activists gathered outside Downing Street to protest the visit of Netanyahu, who arrives on Wednesday, but will not meet officially with Cameron until Thursday.

“Arrest Netanyahu” and “war criminal” they chanted, some holding up posters calling for an end to the blockade on Gaza as well as images of the Israeli leader plastered with the words “child killer”.

Others waved flags, including at least two from Lebanon’s powerful Shiite Hezbollah movement.

Facing them were around 100 pro-Israeli demonstrators, many waving the Israeli flag.

Police would not confirm how many protesters had been arrested.

More than 108,000 people have signed a petition urging the arrest of Netanyahu for war crimes, enough for the issue to be considered for debate in Britain’s parliament.

Israel’s embassy in London called the latest petition a “meaningless publicity stunt”.

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