Keep doling out cash to panhandlers will only increase their amount.

Also, it’s far more humanitarian taking care of refugees in areas closer to their homelands, than allowing them to be mistreated (and risking death) by smugglers and varmints along the way to Europe.

Swiss join bid to combat refugee smuggling

Swiss join bid to combat refugee smuggling

Forensic officers work at a truck found to contain dead migrants on a motorway in Austria on Thursday. Photo: Dieter Nagl/AFP
Switzerland, Germany and Italy are preparing to launch a joint task force to detect and dismantle networks smuggling refugees and migrants into Europe, Swiss authorities said on Friday.

The taskforce, which has been in the planning stage for months, will begin working next month, federal police spokeswoman Cathy Maret told AFP.

The announcement came as Europe was reeling from the discovery on Thursday of 71 decomposing bodies in an abandoned truck in Austria — in a grim reminder of the ruthlessness of human traffickers.

Meanwhile, Libyan rescue workers recovered 76 bodies from yet another capsized boat crammed with people trying to flee across the Mediterranean amid fears the toll could rise as high as 200.

In Switzerland, the fight against human trafficking is handled at a regional level, and it is the canton of Ticino, which borders Italy, which is in charge of the tri-national taskforce, Maret said, although Swiss federal authorities were also supporting the project.

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