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Her first crime was in fact, her marrying a non-muslim.

The sharia court granted custody to the father because she was behaving inappropriately as a non-muslim, sending her husband (at the time) Christmas greetings. This however was payback for her marrying a non-muslim, at least that’s my gut feeling on the matter. They had to find her as non-islamic in order to hand over the children that almosts always goes to the father in islamic countries unless there’s other mitigating circumstance.

NOTE: It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that the French father went full dijon.

Sharia judges stole my son: It’s a custody battle that will make your blood boil – how a court in Dubai took away this British mum’s child… for sending her French husband a text a Christmas

Afsana Lachaux (left), 47, has not seen her beloved son Louis (right, when he was three) for two years after a Dubai court ruled she was unfit to raise him because of 'un-Islamic' actions such as sending a 'happy Christmas' text to her husband

  • Afsana Lachaux, 47, has not seen her beloved son Louis, five, for two years
  • She met her ex-husband Bruno in India in 2008, married him two years later
  • Marriage broke down in 2011, Dubai judges ruled that she was unfit mother
  • The reasons included inability to breastfeed and ‘not obeying’ her husband
  • Court used her ‘happy Christmas’ texts as evidence she was ‘un-Islamic’ 

She was a high-flying civil servant who had been policy adviser for Gordon Brown and David Blunkett; he was a dashing French engineer.

And together they planned a luxurious new life amid the sun-drenched skyscrapers of Dubai.

For Afsana Lachaux, the marriage and the birth of a son, Louis, was an unexpected new lease of life. Today, however, it is not merely her dreams that have been destroyed, but her new family, too.

And at the heart of the devastation is a sharia court that she says has bullied and belittled her, falsely accusing her of kidnapping her own child and ruling her an unfit mother before granting custody of her son to her French Christian husband, Bruno.

Her case has even prompted the Foreign Office to issue a warning to British women living in the UAE that in the event of a marriage breakdown they will face custody proceedings under sharia law, irrespective of their religion or nationality.

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