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Now how did he get into the country? That’s what lots of Finns are wondering right now.

H/T: Jukka Ketonen

Store robbed at gunpoint during night – perp pictured

Shop robbed at gunpoint at night - picture author

A grocery in Oulu Raksila was threatened and robbed at gunpoint late Wednesday night at about 02.30.

At the time of the incident a man arrived at the store, who walked straight to the checkout. At the checkout, the man asked the cashier to hand over the money and at the same time told that he had a gun. The gun was also at some stage of the crime revealed.

The alleged thief took a small amount of money and then left the scene running.

The suspect characteristics:

– dark-skinned
– with short black hair
– wearing a reddish-brown coat, beneath which was visible an orange hood
– wearing black pants and black shoes. The shoes were with white soles and white laces

Police are asking for tips to the incident 0295 416 194.

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  1. Why are not ALL illegal economic immigrants photographed and fingerprinted on condition of entry into any EU country? Facerec software could single this turd out in 200 millisecods.

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